Project Summary

  • Client: Gabriele Geppert-Himbacher
  • Taskes: Website, Operations, Consulting, Logo


For the managing director of einfach anders digital GmbH, Gabriele Geppert-Himbacher, we were allowed to revise her website. She wanted a simple handling and a simple design, i.e. she had exact ideas which we implemented for her. The customer wanted to be able to change the texts easily, so we decided to use a WordPress environment.

We completely reconfigured your hosting package and made the appropriate settings, including creating domains, cleaning up the mail package and setting up SSL certificates. We also advised Gabriele Geppert-Himbacher on the following topics:

  1. Maintenance of CMS/CMR systems
  2. Website and Web Design
  3. Calendar Management
  4. Collaboration Tools

We were also able to give the logo a simple re-design. It was important to the managing director that the typography would continue to exist and in the end it only remained a word mark.





This website uses the open source software Matomo for statistical visitor analysis.

Further information on the stored data and the possibility of revocation can be found in our terms.